My name is Fatima Goita. I am originally from Mali, West Africa, but have lived in the US over the past 20 years.
My company specializes in making authentic, traditional, vintage decorative pillows starting from the mudcloth from my home country, Mali. Mali is very rich in traditional handmade fabric. I love to provide a unique piece for your home from around Africa first, then worldwide. We blend traditional to modern.
We work with talented local artisans around the world. We establish sustainable relationships with our artisans. We will provide pieces of traditional handmade fabric. Our pillows and throw are made with organic cotton from fields to women who will transform to tread, and then the tisserand will make a band roll of traditional white fabric. No machinery is involved with this process. We sell directly to our customers online with no middleman. Our products are the highest quality materials at reasonable prices than traditional luxury boutiques.
Your homes deserve the best!